STANLEY กรรไกรตัดเหล็กแผ่น(ซ้าย)10 กรรไกรตัดเหล็กแผ่น(ซ้าย)10
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รุ่น กรรไกรตัดเหล็กแผ่น(ซ้าย)10
แบรนด์ STANLEY

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Features & Benefits

  • Cuts up to 18 gauge (1.2mm) cold-rolled steel or 23 gauge (0.7mm) stainless-steel
  • Forged chrome molybdenum steel cutting blades for strength, durability and long cutting life
  • Serrated cutting blades provides a sturdy bite and helps prevent material from slipping during use
  • Latch design allows for a quick single handed operation
  • Adjustment-free fasteners prevent loosening of the blades
  • Color-coded, slip-resistant bi-material grip for comfort and control
  • Meets or exceeds ANSI standards

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