SOLEX กุญแจคล้อง KEY ALIKE 3:1 MACH II ขนาด 45 MM

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รุ่น ขนาด 45 MM
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Mach II Key

It's a key made of good quality brass. The body is made of genuine brass material. Moisture resistant, acid resistant, rain resistant, more than 20 years service life, key loop made of steel. Solidium Hardened Prevent cutting. Well-plated steel bearing system, strong, destructive, with 100% anti-break ingress.


Master key and key-alight system

It is the only key set that can be solved for both houses, condos, offices and dormitories. Easy to use No need to carry multiple keys.

Every master key has a key flower and a master's flower for solving every room. Unlike the key alite system, there will be no regular key flowers, but the same key will be used to solve all sets of keys.

Adopting a light key system for family use There are no outsiders to live with, with every set of keys, houses, dormitories and condos, and all the keys can be used.

Solex productsmeet ISO 9001:2008 and new technologies are invented in the manufacturing process to prevent continuous theft. As a result, the SOLEX keys are durable, have a long service life and have a beautiful design that is perfect for use with different types of homes.


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